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GTA IV–which console version will you buy?


360 will have exclusive single player expansions packs and exclusive multiplayer content. New details from the Microsoft-Rockstar deal show PS3 will only be able to offer single player content(weapons, clothes, cars) NO extra missions and NO multiplayer extras.

There has been talk of the 360 version having multiple disc and the PS3 version only having 1 disc. This has NOT been confirmed. Even if the 360 version had 2 disc’s, it would also probably have an option to install the contents of the 2nd disc onto the harddrive.(no more disc swapping)

If you are going to play offline, sure go with the PS3 version, you wont be missing anything.

If you are going to play online, 360 version will be best.

I have both consoles, but I will be buying the 360 version.

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  1. also the Xbox 360 Version will have Achievements! Im getting the 360 version as thats the only new console I have.

  2. Well i have a 360, so the choice is obvious for me, but even if I had an option I’d go with the 360 version. The exclusive content could be interesting.

  3. Well I’m getting the 360 version because all I have is the 360. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 360 could require multiple discs and the PS3 wouldn’t. Thing is though that the PS3 is on Blu-Ray and the 360 is on DVD. That just tells me the game will be so large they would require more then one DVD. That doesn’t sound bad to me. Heck I have Blue Dragon and it is on 3 Discs and didn’t bother me any when it came time to switch Discs. Really it isn’t that much effort. They would still get the entire map on the disc, they would just have the missions on the disc and you couldn’t go back to do the missions, and when could you before?

  4. I have an Xbox 360 so of course I am going to get it for the 360. I have been an avid GTA fan for a while now and I am really excited for the new GTA it is going to be great.

  5. yeah your kinda of worng about what ur saying both ps3 an xbox360 will have online play an i have both but only buyin it for ps3

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