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God of War Origins: Trailer (E3 2011)


This trailer makes it official, the classic action video game God of War is coming to PS3 in HD in the God of War Origins Collection.

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God of War Origins: Trailer (E3 2011)


  1. I wish but it is now the future and santa monica studios has reveled a new god of war game but it is not four. It is another prequel but this time it will be for the PS3. God of War: Ascension

  2. I know that so much people will hate on me for this but i liked Ghost of Sparta more then i did with God of War 3!!!!

  3. @Hunkyfish20 this is not a sequel why is everyone so stupid this is the 2 PSP God of War games on the PS3

  4. Look guys, the first GOW psp game was the story before the firt GOW, the second game for PSP was the story between GOW 1 and GOW 2, this is the collection of the psp games for the ps3!!!!

  5. @WloHaZlom What is so confusing about that? It's obviously September 13th of the year 2011 (this year).

  6. @wally09871 I dont think that it will be the last one. I'm also looking forward to origins because the first gow i played was chains of olympus and it was pretty awesome. I also really wanted to play ghost of sparta but my psp broke.

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