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Getting Eric’s PS4 and Unboxing!


Follow along with Eric and Tom as they head to JB-Hi Fi to pick up a brand new PS4! Like for Eric busting up his car like an idiot!

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Getting Eric's PS4 and Unboxing!

My friends and I went into JB Hi-Fi and there was no number price on the CD we were looking at, so we decided to ask someone if the CD was free seeing that there was no price.

We were making fun of pranksters up until this point when we decided to almost parody YouTube pranksters. It was funny after because there were police helicopters afterwards and my friends were genuinely afraid. But we ha a lot of fun…

JB Hi-Fi Prank (No Price)

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  1. Will play the shit out of the 3 for two more years then this will be me end of 2016 with any luck…nice video man, I know that excitement!´╗┐

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