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Game stuck in PS3 80GB FAT?


My PS3 died a month and a half ago, so I got a brand new PS3 160GB Slim a few days ago, but I have a problem with my old one.

It died on me whilst I was playing Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, and now the game is stuck in there (3rd YLOD on that particular PS3).

I don’t really want to send it in to Sony, as it is a lot of money if all I want is the game Disc to come out. How would I go about opening up my PS3 and taking the game out? I can’t find many guides or tutorials on Google or YouTube, so I dunno what to do.

Any ideas, i’m open to anything

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  1. [url is not allowed].

    You could just open it up and take the blu-ray drive out, open the blu-ray drive and take the disk out that way.

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    Watch: 2:27 to 4:49

    You shouldn’t have a problem doing this.


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