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Fuel Xbox 360 (Campaign Gamplay Video)


Fuel Xbox 360 (Campaign Gamplay Video)


  1. The most significant fail for me in this game is that you can´ t choose instanlty the rear view in controls for the camera mode, one of the most important options in racing games, this makes impossible to look behind you to check where the other cars are, all you can do is to turn the camera(too slow) ,and the only way to check it , aproximately ,is the minimap, doesn´t help a lot, because it´s not very precise,because the arrow symbols are too big… too bad, because this game is excellent.

  2. Un peux tros nulent ton jeux genre tu monte pas plus de 80 avec une moto comment sa pas du tous réel vu les decore je dirent playstation 1 

  3. @Xlife93 i do add me gt- Jackinhd – i still play it and i can mod it so send me gts of everyone that plays this still.

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