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FIFA 16 – Review


FIFA 16 - Review


  1. Salam Sabahiniz xeyr olsun men Fifa 16 tel ucun yazmisam amma pul yiga bilmirem ? guclu oyuncular almaga meselen C.Ronaldo , Messi

  2. Yes… FIFA is the same game every year… WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT! Its a football game, does football change rules every year? No. Is it necessary for EA to bring out a new one every year? No. It could be a DLC but think about EA's financial advisor's, they are seeing £££$$$ signs everywhere with this series, they are not going to change it. Its exactly the same argument as CoD.
    If you are into football, and enjoy sports (Fucking revelation, some people are!) then FIFA is hands down the best game to buy. The game looks good, the game is fun and challenging when playing online and the improvement in the A.I are noticeable. I buy FIFA games and get my money's worth, never had a situation with a FIFA game where I haven't.

  3. I dont understand, that when you pay 50+ euro's for a game, that you find it ok that you have to pay extra for an online gamemode. Makes anything you say in this review pointless. thumbs down

  4. Is it me or does the characters look more cartoony and the 360 games like fifa 11 look more on the realistic side.

  5. Now you cant chip the ball to a player and beat the keeper with a skill move and score striker are very slow defending is bad seem like they re shaking try to attack a striker but instead they run the goal keeper is god 2th division team play better than barca The ball is like a magnet i miss the old fifa when could create your own tactics tell players where to move fifa 16 .. 7.5 review

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