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Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Xbox One Gameplay Frame-Rate Test


Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Xbox One Gameplay Frame-Rate Test


  1. I just bought this game TODAY (7/5/2015) and I am experiencing dips in framerate as well when I play on XBONE.  It's ANNOYING because it actually makes me drop inputs.  

    The problem seems to STILL be throwdowns, as I don't have that issue at all when I turn off throwdowns, and it runs perfectly with throwdowns off.  I like to play versus mode when I am waiting for ranked matches.

    This is somewhat frustrating, because I never had that problem on the xbox 360 version.  I wonder if this is an issue with PS4 as well, but there is still some problems with throw downs.  It works, but it's just not right though.

  2. I've recently bought this game on the Xbox one. had no issue's with crashing or frame rate drops whatsoever.
    seems like they fixed it :)

  3. A fighting game should never dip below 60 fps, regardless of if it's on ps4 or xb1 this is a reflection of the coding not the hardware….

  4. Incoming Sony Fanboy logic!
    Resident Evil Revelations 2
    "It's just bad optimization causing the frame rate problems on the PS4… it's the developers fault, not the PS4"
    Dead or Alive 5
    "Xbox One sucks, the hardware can't handle a last gen game, look at those frame rate drops"
    Yet, the FACT that it's running like shit is bad optimization (code) in the Xbox version.

  5. Two low polygon models, a flat floor with a basic texture, about 17 flowers and a very bad skybox… and you can't even maintain 60fps?

    Take all the Playstations, XBOXes and fucking burn them. They are the biggest jokes I have ever seen.

    Yesterday I was playing Wolfenstein New Order in 1440p on my mid range PC (max settings, of course). I wanted to do some recording with Shadowplay to put some up on youtube and was getting my head around how to use Shadowplay correctly. So I had the framerate display on, and before I started recording I ran through the level a few times to warm up. I was hitting over 110fps most of the time. Highs of 250fps, lowest I saw was 79fps. That's in 1440p, max settings with no AA. Cos what monkey turns AA on in 1440p when it is the screens native res.

    You peasants just don't seem to grasp how much of a joke you are. Keep on spending $60 on trash like this.

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