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CGR Undertow – MIDWAY ARCADE ORIGINS review for PlayStation 3


CGR Undertow - MIDWAY ARCADE ORIGINS review for PlayStation 3


  1. Ummm… I don't think you played all the games for your review or else I KNOW you would have mentioned carnage. I almost went out and bought it just for that insanely amazing game. Nothing like that and smash TV today.

  2. If DDR is part of your arcade memories then it explains why you don't find much value in this compilation.

    It's disappointing that there aren't many extras, but it's a great collection regardless. My only complaint is they could have added way more than what's here.

  3. I am able to download 1000's of more arcade games than what was included in on this blueray disc in under 9GB's for mame! Hello! They definitely did NOT make use of its space. 

  4. Personally, DDR has no place in my recollection of an arcade experience.  I'm willing to bet that anyone who would truly appreciate these games would feel the same way.  Maybe someone older should have followed up with this compilation.

  5. Personally I loved these collections on the PS2. Although I only ever bought MAT 1 & 2, but that's because I really didn't like the way that the third Treasures collection went with ALL racing games.

    Some of these titles though REALLY need a better way to control them. For example: Marble Madness

    Without a trackball controller plugged into your PS3 it controls like crap with the sticks on the standard PS3 controller. The same thing goes for APB. While using the siren is OK, the lack of a real steering wheel peripheral to use when playing this game makes it feel only so-so at best.

  6. I bought this game with the pile of other games, when I got my PS3.
    I had all three Midway Arcade Treasures already on my PS2 collection, so I thought that maybe this has something extra stuff that other collection don't have.
    I was sad that there wasn't anything.
    No trailers, commentaries, artworks, history, nothing that made the Treasures collection good.

  7. Yeah, about $10.00. However, if you want to be cheap, you can buy Shaolin Monks, Midway Arcade Treasures 2, and the Kollector's Editions of Deception & Armageddon for the PS2 to get MK 1, 2, & Ultimate MK 3, but without some of the exclusive features Arcade Kollection has, such as online play, for example. In all honesty, I did not want to double dip after getting Deception & Armageddon for the Gamecube and Wii respectively.

  8. Was hoping they had Pigskin in that collection. That game was so much fun. Vikings vs Huns in medieval style football with weapons too? Fun stuff.

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