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Call of Duty Ghosts Review (Xbox One) – Inside Gaming


Call of Duty Ghosts Review (Xbox One) - Inside Gaming


  1. COD Ghost rocks on XBOX ONE.
    Haters should just get another fps if there not happy. As an Xbox owner of all the COD games
    since COD 2 i do enjoy all of the COD franchise games. So you whiney PS4 fools can stick to
    Battlefield or whatever then. Haters never win. Peace

  2. This cod sucked ballbag. It was terrible and I took it back after two weeks of getting one shotted by campers.

  3. Why and how the fuck does call of duty ghosts get a better score than watch dogs? Someone please explain the logic behind these reviews.

  4. In my opinion ghosts is no different from any other. Sure, there is always new stuff but still is it really that big of a deal to buy a game that basically copies its past games. I got Black ops 2 a while ago and i reallly don't care about ghosts because its going to be the same exact thing, besides zombies are better than aliens.

  5. If you don't like Call of duty don't play it and don't tell people there fanboys because they like it.

  6. call of duty ghost suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk buy battlefield 4

  7. from what i've seen so far cod ghosts on low settings looks like cod mw3 and cod ghosts on ultra looks like battlefield 4 on low settings on a not full hd monitor

  8. wtf? why are all the cod ghost review videos, so disliked, they have so many dislikes why?

  9. K I have love all of the CODs for SP&/OR MP But I have to disagree with this one I feel like it was a step back from BO2. I think 7/10 would be more realistic. 

  10. I bet you that almost no cod player has ever heard of or played half-life, half life 2, portal, portal 2 or any other classic and superb game that's better than any of these wanna be games but has become a spray shooting multiplayer. In my opinion team fortress 2 from valve is better than any of the cod games ever made. It's just a game where you can shoot people 10 times and they don't die but when u knife m they're dead. It just sucks more balls every new game.

  11. Cod's just a shoot m up and it gets boring really fast in my opinion. Also with ghost they're just trying to be a next-gen game while they're not. I'm gonna buy ac4 as that's a next-gen game, has a great story and is overal less tiring and rage-like than any call of duty game.

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