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Battlestations Pacific First Impressions/Xbox 360 Gameplay (HighQuality)


Battlestations Pacific First Impressions/Xbox 360 Gameplay (HighQuality)


  1. It looks great … the controls are very technical however. It also seems to be one of those games wher the CPU is just much more clever than you are at times. So later on you can't actually just have fun playing the different vehicles without getting targeted by the CPU. E.g if you send four parchute aircraft to a distant island.. the cpu wil send 4 squadrons of fighters accross the map to kill them, even if they are escorted… and it seems to ahve plenty more money to buy stuff than you do.

  2. Dont always complain about graphics, it can ruin some games, especially this type, it all about your strategy and that is what makes the game fun. To out smart your opponet, not to admire the graphics while you play.

  3. First game I ever got for my xbox was battlestations midway, so I automaticly bought this game right off the bat, great game over all

  4. this game is great guys, a long game which is gonna eat up a lot of your time. Its the most fun to play against friends though, battles tend to start up really slow, but after 30 minutes the game is just one big epic battle after another.

  5. I have always loved the World War II strategy games. I am thinking about buying this game, would you recommend this game?

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