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Are there any dog fight videogames for ps2 or ps3 that let you pick what aircraft you want to fly?


Like does the game War hawk let you pick an air craft you want to fly? Because i really like the F-18 hornet.

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  1. All Ace Combat games have a selection of about 30 aricraft from Korean War to Modern (and a few non-existant future craft). AC5 even has multiple variations of them (for example, the A, B, and D variants of the F-14).

  2. Its not a aircraft in the traditional sense but Lair is based of a dogfighting game. It has the same controls as a plane or jetfighter.

  3. There’s a PS2 WW2 flight game called Heroes of the Pacific. Even if you don’t care for WW2 you might want to try it out.

  4. yaa but the new ace combat is only on 360

    theres blazing angels but thats ww2

    there are the old ace combats for ps2 though

    there ac 4 ac5 and ac zero

    ac six is the new one for 360

    theres also a flight control pack for ac 5 but it would be hard to find now

    [url is not allowed].

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