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Announcing State of Decay 2 – Xbox E3 2016


Announcing State of Decay 2 - Xbox E3 2016


  1. SoD 1 was great the problem was it didn t recieve any support! a lot of bugs, glitches, low fps and general issues! tried to enjoy the game several times but i ended giving up…greats mechanics and ideas…But Bad animations and missions system

  2. I hope u can kill other players, I love that feeling in a survival game when u know that the zombies aren't ur biggest problem

  3. got the first stait of decay on my old account on the 360 a few months after it released on that got I release week on xbox one new account pre-ordering this one #loyalplayer

  4. I need this game asap! Undead Labs needs The Walking Dead license! Imagine this game with Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Negan!!?? INSANE!

  5. WHHYYYY WHY this game is going to be an exclusive for xbox!! i wanted a co op version but you lost my respect and desire because of this change

  6. Why turn a single player game to online/Lan game , & why I have to use Win10 to play it … ruining a spirit game is the work of AAA companies those days 🙁

  7. Please tell me this is going to be coming to PC. I found that the first one was to easy without mods. Fortunately people made mods to almost reproduce the danger of getting attacked by zombies and not this millions of hits vanilla style.

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