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Advice on buying used Video games From Amazon?


Hi guys,I’m getting a Xbox 360 Pro this week,and I’ll be short in cash for games.I need advice regarding buying used xbox 360 games from Amazon.com. Any experiences and advice on how to select a good seller?I’m planning to get games released just last year and 2006.And also I plan to get a used controler.Any help is appreciated!thanks!


  1. I wouldn’t even go through the internet because you can never inspect th disk. It could be scratched to high hell for all you know. Gamestop has used games that are usually around $45 or less and you can inspect the disks before you get them.

  2. When you are looking at the different sellers, pick the ones with the highest ratings. If something goes wrong amazon will fix it. So, really it’s a win win for you.

  3. Hya

    lf you are in the UK buy from ‘Game’ they do free shipping and the games are cheap, you can buy preowned or brand new games and they come the next day or the day after, never had to wait more than 2 days for something l have ordered and the games are always sealed and scratch free!

    Ebay as you all probably know is a good place to buy games, l do laugh to myself sometimes though cos you can buy some of the games cheaper in the shops or from a games website! maybe people have more money than sense?

    anyway l have bought a few games from ebay and they have all been good, l always choose a seller that has good feedback and lots of it! l dont ever buy off someone with less than 20 stars or a feedback score of less than 90%!

    Hope all goes well!

  4. Gears of war got over 30 awards for game of the year. So that should be a easy one. Also Gears of War 2 is coming out soon. Assassin’s creed was pretty decent. Mostly games you have heard of, are usually the best. Such as Call of Duty 4, for a FPS it is amazing. If you want a bit of Online Coop, gears of war, Rainbow Six Vegas 1(or 2 that came out yesterday). And if that all fails your boat, you can goto IGN.com or Gamestop.com or gamefaqs.com(A whole bunch more too) and see reviews, and see top sellers and games. Hope this helps.

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