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3rd Party PS3 Controller?


This may sound Dumb, but what are they?

And do they do the same perpose as the original controllers?

link to one;

[url is not allowed]

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  1. 3rd party means it was made by a company not Sony , they are usually poor quality and lack feature like rumble and bluetooth and need batteries

    never buy a cheap 3rd party controller , the controller is the most important part of the game , without a good one you can’t play or it’s frustrating , plus you might save a few dollars up front for a controller that lats 6 months and does not work very well but a dual shock 3 will last for 2 years or more and always support all ps3 games

  2. Well it will work but you won’t have the same function as the original. First of all it’s wired. Right there you can’t play the games that depend on movement of the controller to play. Second I’ve never ONCE bought an aftermarket controller where the vibration effects worked correctly on it. So just for one or two games yes it’s ok. but if you want the full functionality you need a wireless 6 axis controller. Hope I helped.

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