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Xbox 360 Slim hard drive question?


I need a hard drive for add on storage for my xbox 360 slim, would this be the drive i need?[url is not allowed]

I was confused because it says hard drive SHELL. Is this the internal hard drive id want to get more memory on my slim?

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  1. That is just the casing. They sell those so people can take regular laptop hard drives and put them inside. The 360 will then recognize it and allow you to use all of the available space. Real 250Gb hard drives for the slim are $99 new or less if used. They should say genuine or OEM in the listing on eBay. If you’re not sure, ask the seller. Many sell knockoffs with the laptop hard drives inside for $50. They’re fine for saving and storing content, but they do not perform exactly like an official hard drive.

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