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Xbox 360 HD Resolution?


I have an hd tv that supports 1080i, and the xbox 360 also has 1080i. Also, i am using the component hd av cable that came with the xbox 360. Am i getting the full 1080i resolution when i play? I have both the tv and the xbox set at 1080i.

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  1. Yes you are.

    Also it should be noted only if you’re playing a game. The only way to get 720p, 1080i (or for TVs that support it 1080p) output while viewing DVDs is to use the HDMI cable. If you use the component cables the best output you will get from a DVD is 480p.

  2. Yes, just make sure the cable in the back of your system that connects to your tv has the hdtv button switched on instead of the tv.

  3. you should be, as long as the move or game your playing is not 720 but 1080.

    My samsung tv will tell you the resolution of the incoming signal from my xbox 360

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