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Xbox 360 Halo Edition, or Arcade?


they are within the same price range. which one is over all better, does the halo edition have the ring of death, and does it play regular xbox games.

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  1. Halo Edition is the way to go.

    All Xbox 360s have RRoD. It’s just how you take care of it. I’ve had mine for 2 years. Not 1 problem.

    Xbox 360 plays MOST of the regular xbox games.

    Hope I Helped!

  2. The Halo 3 edition is better because it’s a 20 premium.

    They’re not the same price range. An arcade is about 200 bucks, and I believe the Halo 3 edition was 400 bucks.

    The Halo 3 edition is more prone to the ring of death because the Halo 3 edition has the Zephyr/Falcon while the Arcade has the Falcon/Jasper.

    All 360 can XBX games as long as there’s a hard drive.

  3. lol, every 360 has the red rings of death, you usually get it every 5 months or so if you play allot, but i got it twice in 2 months before i sold the second replacement and got my self a ps3.

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