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Should I get Orange Box on PC or Xbox 360?


I want to get Orange Box, and I know all of the games are meant to be on PC. So, is it a better idea to get it as a PC game(s)? If so, how much RAM do you need to put it on your computer?

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  1. How expensive is it for PC

    I know the price has dropped a whole lot since I bought it a couple years ago.

    Also, with a 360 you can play Team fortress 2 on Live.


    Personally I have never been much of a PC gamer (except the Diablo series)

    I like the look and feel of a console.

    I don’t see any reason you would clog up your PC with a game unless you are already a huge PC gamer and have a freakin awesome amount of processing speed, memory and a top of the line graphics card.

    could be wrong though

  2. i think you should get it for xbox i think its better :S that’s my opinion though hope i helped

  3. Im not sure how much it costs on PC, but I know there a lot more playrs to play with on the PC version. On the 360 not as many people play Team Fortress 2 anymore. Plus with PC = Mods. Yey for funny mods lol.

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