Home Xbox Games Resident Evil 7 Demo Review and Gameplay Impressions! (PS4/Xbox One)

Resident Evil 7 Demo Review and Gameplay Impressions! (PS4/Xbox One)


Resident Evil 7 Demo Review and Gameplay Impressions! (PS4/Xbox One)

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  1. The series needs a full re boot..first the rise of Umbrella,you see a glimpse of stock shares for Umbrella shoot WAY up,then the screen darkens out and the game starts to explain the events that led the stars team to the "new" mansion.

  2. And all I want is a new Resi game that takes the gameplay from the fourth game, adds in Leon and a couple other noice characters and have both T-Virus (possibly G-Virus as well) and Las Plagas as enemies (what if the parasites and viruses started fighting one another? I see literally no reason for the two to work together/ignore one-another.)

  3. What a lot of people don't realise is that this is a concept demo that just shows things you can do, not story. And a lot of people don't think there is going to be combat, but you can find a hatchet and attack with it.

  4. I hope that the demo will come out on the Xbox one. Because my dumbass land lord doesn't want to clean out my moldy ass apartment, I gotta save money to find a house. Now I know hows Pewdiepie feels. lol

  5. Well, there's an axe, but I think Capcom only wanted to showcase some animations….Well, at least there's a weapon, right?

  6. I played it last night with high expectations and unfortunately it was total crap compared to the Silent Hills demo. Shame that will never be made. It was truly the scariest video game experience I've ever encountered.

    If you guys want a game like this but far more horrifying play Outlast on the PS4.

  7. I'm not complaining but the way you do end your sentences is definitely different ad kinda funny x)

  8. Terrified? The demo was one of the most boring things I've ever played, and I am a fan of walking simulator horror games. The games idea of big scares is a piano closing, a guy turning around with a bloody face and a mannequin falling. It's so bad.

  9. There is actually a little bit of a hint at combat, with having the axe and being able to hit things with it.

  10. Could you consider doing a RE7 theory video? I loved your PT one, though I know it held more content than the Resi demo has shown so far I think a lot of people are missing things that link with the RE universe, such as the 'family' guy in the game being much like a Las Plagas zombie (in the way that he might be mind-controlled and speaking his native language, but also kinda rotting) or that shadowy figure in the wheelchair of the trailer looking a lot like Spencer. Would really love to hear what other people think cos I'm super hyped!

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