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RESIDENT EVIL 2 REBORN – Gameplay Trailer Unreal Engine 4 (InvaderGames, July 2015) – PART 1/2


Here We are! Finally the brand new gameplay trailer of Resident Evil 2 Reborn (non-profit game developed with Unreal Engine 4) is out. InvaderGames, italian indie software house, has improved the game with these new features:
– 3D models
– particles effects
– light system
– gameplay
– health system
– textures
– scripts
– sound effects
– soundtracks
– animations
and many more…

Enjoy and get ready for the PC Unreal Engine 4 Alpha FREE RELEASE this Summer.

Tell us what you think about this trailer on our social and Youtube channel.

Thank you again!

(Title voice by Marach)
InvaderGames Team

RESIDENT EVIL 2 REBORN - Gameplay Trailer Unreal Engine 4 (InvaderGames, July 2015) - PART 1/2

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  1. If the real re2 remake results like this it would be very disappointing. I see a lot of people talking like "this is the direction of re7 should´ve went" or " i like the shoulder camera". i mean really? this is suppose to be a REMAKE of re2, not a sequel so i think they should respect the original concept o re2 of course with new and better graphics. The re1 remake is an excellent example of a good job. the old view with the cimenatic camera is the touch of the feeling that original re gave us. This is not supposed to be a re4 in racoon city you fools. I think if the game give the option of the original and the shoulder camera maybe it would not be so bad but in my opinion is not the right path to take. But thats my opinion. by the way im talking of the capcom game not of this which is a really good job of the developers…

  2. Old school RE fans will say this is good but "too dark" yet RE4, REREV, REREV2, and RE5 are trash just because they are "too bright".

    Wut. Can't please people lol.

  3. capcom should gave them a green light to go ahead because they themselves are not capable of making resident evil games no more

  4. why the uck they cancelled it last year? they even should do re 3 nemesis remake that would be owesome

  5. look Capcom is going to release the remake and there shutting down other peoples remakes I love the original as much as the next guy but Capcom will not give you a remake like this there just going to sell us the same old shit to make a buck if I wonted I wood play the game cube version in HD your game remake is grate I wish that Capcom's game was like this but its not going to be… You can help by raising huge argument if you would like the game to be like this contact Capcom and complain other wise there it will not happen I can not believe Capcom would tack a huge SHIT on there fan remakes like that

  6. please for the love of god why didn't you just release it… Hell I would've bought this game. ): I loved this so much…

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