Home Videos PS4 NEWS: DAYZ NO Console RELEASE DATE? 1% Chance 2017?

PS4 NEWS: DAYZ NO Console RELEASE DATE? 1% Chance 2017?


PS4 NEWS: DAYZ NO Console RELEASE DATE? 1% Chance 2017?

PS4 Pro Announced And Explained 【New Playstation 4k Console With Presentation】


  1. The likelihood of a console port of DayZ is near impossible, I wouldn't hold your breath. The ARMA engine is just too hardware intensive for console hardware at this time. Even if they crammed DayZ onto the highest end console, it would be significantly inferior to the PC version. Consoles will always have low-end games compared to PC, that's the nature of the platform- that's why you only pay $500 instead of $2000. Try running DayZ on a $500 retail computer.

  2. The reason why ℅99 of effort is towards PC upossed to Console is because PC is where the games engine lies. The developer cannot suddenly start focusing on porting the game to Console with bugs and other things still active. Before the game can be ported to Console it needs to be complelty stable. If they were to port it to Console now it will literally be the worst game ever on console. If you ask me the console version of the game will come out 1 year after the game is finished with development and is out of the beta stage, but knowing DayZ this won't happen until 2020

  3. It will be on the ps4 what they mean by only focusing on of is that they will port the game over once its done. Porting is easy. The only difference in consoles and pcs is marketing 

  4. i just want a zombie surrvival game i couldnt care less if its dayz or not just as it has the same type of game play

  5. shit looks aight, not too sharp.. if ya'll notice they only show a small clip of the game ,not the actual gameplay.. not impressed. save yourself some money and get a gaming pc. you'll get your money worth and can always be upgraded .

  6. Sony definitely Did an Excellent job Explaining HDR and 4 k gaming then what Microsoft did!!!!!

  7. Go out and buy a bluray player you dumb fuck sooks. i prefer ps4 for gaming not watching bluray movies. Do you realy think sony is stupid enough to let Xbox ……."atheir competitors Beat them…… Sony has been around much longer than xbox……. soon as xbox comes out 2017…….. you will start too see sony reveal alot more…… Ps5 is due to arrive pspro is just one small upgrade big woop. Just you wait and see….. i dont believe sony will want people going out and buying xbox if pspro is shit……

  8. Wait, this mainstream single-board gaming PC can render games in 4K? Oh sure it can! low-poly games with low-res textures, or upscaled 1080p games @30fps maybe… Nice marketing Sony! As long as the TV shows "4K input" your customers will be happy :). There is no way this box could render detailed scene at 4K with playable framerate. Using the extra power to achieve smoother experience at stable 60fps, allow more detail on scene or better texture filtering and anti-aliasing would be more sensible thing to do (at least some devs seems to understand that). But 4K sounds better i guess… gg.

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