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PS3 (Slim) 4.66 official firmware (ofw) and I am wanting to add a mod menu to my GTA 5 Online patch 1.20, is there anyway of doing it no jb?


JB means Jailbreak, also I don’t know anything about cfw (Custom Firmware) all I know about cfw is that it isn’t ofw (Official Firmware). So is there anyway of adding a mod menu to my gta 5 and being able to play online? Also I DO NOT want to buy a E3 flasher to downgrade nor do I want to open the ps3 at all. So if anyone could tell me a way of like adding a mod menu using the comp, or doing something like that, I honestly don’t know. The best thing would be installing the mod menu using a flash drive if possible. (I would just like to stress how much I do not want to mess up my play station, or not be able to sign into psn, I still want to be able to go online and also not get banned for trying to log into psn, or brick my ps3)

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  1. no , you can’t add mod menus to the console version of gta5 as they patched the game and blocked all mods and hacks and they have not released the pc version yet so you can’t even get pc mods

    you’ll just have to play the game like the developers meant it to be played and not use any cheats ( and the game is so easy if you need to cheat to beat it you really should not play games other than the easiest kids games anyway (

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