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Ps3 hdmi problem no signal on hdtv screen?


Hi. I have a hdmi problem with my ps3 the problem is that when i turned on my ps3 my LG tv will have a small rectangle saying *no signal* on the screen. I tried the hold the power reset thing but when i turned it on it still have the no signal sign. I also tried other hdmi cable but it still gives out the no signal thing. i tried to connect my hdmi cables to my sky plus and it works normally, it means that there is no problem with the cables. Help how do i fix this!

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  1. some TVs have multiple HDMI ports, so you might have connected the PS3 to(for example) HDMI2, while the TV is on HDMI1.try going through the different HDMI settings on your TV and plugging the PS3 into different ones. i’m sorry i can’t help you more than this, i hope you figure it out

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