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PS3 game decision, Help?


I need help deciding on which game to get, Dead Space 3 or The Amazing Spiderman? Tell me pros and cons on both games and what you think is better. Please no spoilers. Thank you.

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  1. if you like horror games and gore. – dead space

    if you like movie hero games – spiderman

    i recommend dead space

  2. Dead space 3, the amazing spiderman is a movie game, now ive never played the amazing spiderman, but from personal experience, movie games are NEVER good, I know dradspace is a good series, although the 1st one will always be the scariest imo, ive played bits of deadspace 3, and it leans more towards the action/horror rather than survival/horror, which is a shame really because it has everything to be an amazing survival horror game, but EA doesn’t utilize the mythosand lore to do so, I would ddefinitely pick up deadspace 3 over spiderman, its a real pretty game, it has a good story, a few good scares, and solid action and SP

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