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PlayStation Experience 2015: Final Fantasy VII Remake – PSX 2015 Trailer | PS4



They are coming back to Midgar…


Mako Reactors are draining the life energy of the planet. The Shinra Corporation rules over a corrupt surveillance state. A few prosper, the rest are left to rot in the city slums of Midgar. That changes tonight.

The elite mercenary and ex-SOLDIER Cloud Strife has been hired by the resistance movement AVALANCHE to fight back. Their mission will change the world forever.

[Opening – Bombing Mission] from “Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY”

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PlayStation Experience 2015: Final Fantasy VII Remake - PSX 2015 Trailer | PS4

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  1. anyone know if it'll have the same battle mechanism as ff15, I kinda liked that system of fighting better

  2. Anyone know how the battle system will work? I heard it was going to be like KH but I can tell it's like a more advance old style battle system. I really hope so that way we can have full control of all characters, magic and summons with all these new animations. We already have FFXV which is the complete opposite but still great in its own form.

  3. I love Final Fantasy games. They are literally the best that ever exist. The story line, fantasy, graphics, fighting modes, MUSIC, everything is fantastic. I love final fantasy crisis core, that was the most saddest story line ever, cant believe zack died at the end. sigh. Hate sad endings, but at the end, you know the characters died as heroes and living legacies. Thats why final fantasies are the best

    I'm so happy to find back Jessie Biggs and Wedge like this! Their deaths made me very sad when I played this game. Especially Jessie who had a crush on Cloud.. F*cking ShinRa !

  5. hopefully this time I'll finish the game lol. I played this game after ff9, ff10 and ff tactics and ff12 and it was meh…didn't even got to halfway of the game to realize turn base rpgs need more depth then this.

  6. Cloud look ridiculous with that spaghetti arms of his…..

    But I can explain why, because most asian country love skinny guys that are useless in a fight and only girly to look at. Most asian country don't have the standard western country view of how a person looks cool. In western country you need muscle as a guy to look good. In most asian country a guy need a girly face, is what they call handsome, and a skinny useless body.

    True Story.

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