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Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Review / First Look


I did a vlog on this a while agin talking about how Overlord FoE was going to ruin the franchise (https://youtu.be/QadcHFWZkmQ) and I wasn’t far from wrong.

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Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Review / First Look


  1. Man, it pisses me off how much potential this game could have had. Keep Diablo III's spell system, but mix it with Overlord's, so you can pick from your fire, manipulation, shield, and minion spells, and bind those to 1 2 3 and 4. Spacebar for basic attacks, hold left click to sweep minions, right click to place a banner, scrollwheel to change selected minions, click scrollwheel for all minions, hold r to recall minions. Have shift to lock on to a target, prioritizing targets near your mouse. Keep the camera centered on the player, regardless of which direction you're facing.

    That would have been fun. Find a Brown Minion Geyser, shift click it to lock on, hold r to call your horde, hold left click, sweep some minions to a chokepoint, place a banner, realize you need to fall back, mouse over the banner, shift to select it, hold left click, sweep the banner back. It just sounds like it could have been so satisfying.

    And they could have had more diverse spells, an amazing loot system, loot/level based character development, and letting minions pick up things off of monsters, making those tougher enemies rewarding. Lifeforce could be imbued with items you find to improve or tweak stats, and you could have enemies like in Borderlands with specific drops, encouraging farming, and even if you didn't get the item you wanted, you'd get lifeforce. Man, a proper Diablo Borderlands Overlord mashup would have been so damn good.Too bad they done fucked it up.

    Also, what the fuck is with our Overlords progressively moving faster and faster as the series continues? I miss the intimidating wall of Arcanium lumbering his way forward. This one is really just a personal gripe, really, but I really think that walk animation was a big deal.

  2. you make a big deal for when its good they made the minoins auto attck so you dount have tomaunely do it your also a obanition dount judge the game

  3. Yeah i wanted to buy cuz its az least coop but WTF only 3 fucking skills? Are u serious?? I dont even understand why they cant add like 3 skills more its in dragon quest heroes the same i dont get it realy dissapoiting….

  4. Thanks for the review, it saved me a couple of bucks. Sadly it isn't the game we Overlord fans wanted after all these years. :(

  5. I'm only grateful for this game because it introduces the Netherghul into the series.
    Parallel to how the Nazghul were Sauron's most loyal servants.
    If there is an Overlord 3, I want to be able to use Netherghul as different playable "Lesser Overlords" to play as in the world.
    Just imagine the implications with multiplayer with this!

    However I despise that they had a DWARF NETHERGHUL!
    In Tolkien's books, the reason why the Dwarf Lords were not Nazghul themselves is because Dwarves have a natural resistance to dark magic.
    That is why I assumed the reason why the Overlord in Overlord 2 didn't use his Evil Presence spell on Dwarves.
    (Aside from the fact that they did not exist in the game at all).

    Sheesh, this game series was BASED on Lord of the Rings!
    They could at least TRY to follow some of Tolkien's points.

  6. i really cant belive they ruinied my childhood game AGAIN im geting sick and tired of good titles being fucked for a bit of money overlord 1 and 2 were amazing i fucking hate this shit now

  7. I didn't even think the writing was that great honestly. To me the generic and pointless and the humor was dull and reused.

  8. I was initially excited for a new Overlord title, even if it was vastly different i.e, Diablo-esque. But so long as the game maintained the core elements of the previous Overlord titles, I'd have considered buying it. But your review, along with various other reviews and first impressions from youtubers like Jim Sterling, made me pause and do further research. This game looks awful, I'll instead buy a copy of Diablo III and hope Codemasters does a HD remaster of Overlord 1 & 2 on PS4 & XBOX, without the tacked on multiplayer of Overlord II, hell throw in Dark Legend too. ^^

  9. Still waiting on that big magical patch that'll make this game fun and playabIe, maybe even find somebody on mutiplayer, no such luck. I was really hoping they could'a kickstarted Overlord 3's development with the profits from this.

  10. why did they even bother adding the limited minion function? if they wanted to make a Diablo style hack and slash they should've just made the minions like townsfolk or have a reference to them in the game rather than trying to sorta combine the two game features. I may just stick to playing Diablo 3

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