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One Piece Burning Blood – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Portgas D. Ace (PS4)


One Piece Burning Blood - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Portgas D. Ace (PS4)


  1. People looking to play this game and never watched One Piece You will not fuckin like this game People who do watch One Piece (More then 100+ Episodes) Will like this game cus this game shows you exactly what One Piece is.. UNFAIR Jesus fckin Christ the people who disliked are people who play Naruto Storm and people who never watched one piece.. if your into fckin balanced play.. PLAY FCKIN NARUTO ONE PIECE IS NOT BALANCED ITS MEANT TO NOT BE BALANCED.. So when u see this guy getting his ass kicked by smokey and Hawk eye its cus the game is not balanced dumb idiots that's the wonders of One Piece its a damn pirate anime an anime where Luffy fights people who have an upper hand then he does people with better devil fruits.. Luffy wins most by persevering and the ones he loses is just cus he wasn't good enough, For example when the Straw hats was at Indigo island(Excuse me if i said the name wrong) when Alkiji and his nephew and the other War lord was there.. Luffy was backed in a corner he tried his hardest but couldn't win telling all the other straw hats "We cant win! Run away look after YOURSELVES" This was the first time we seen Luffy too weak to defend the people he loved causing the time skip due to them all being sent flying to random places. This comment is here to let all you rock brains understand the fact the beauty of One Piece is because its unbalanced what makes it challenging. And if u don't like that gtfo and play Naruto Storm 4

  2. ITS ACE!! LIKE ACE OF SPADES!! AN ALREADY ENGLISH WORD!! like are you trying to irritate people by saying it wrong or are you just an asshole!!

  3. Wow when there's a move that luffy doesn't show till ep 700 and it's in the marineford arc.. that to good

  4. i still cant really tell. is the fighting gameplay anytjing like sotrm 4 with the button input or anything

  5. Wow, this game is 50% worse quality anime and 50% generic battle game. Can't wait for Burning Blood 2: Even Burnier in 6 months, now with speedo edition Luffy!

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