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New Playstation ID? Ideas?


Got a new playstation 3 but cannot think of a good ID for it. Ideas welcome.


Girl, 15, funny, outgoing, confident, loyal, tough, friendly.

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  1. I don’t know what you like, so I can’t suggest a good PSN ID for you that you would like.

    What is wrong with the previous PSN ID you had? If you like your old PSN ID, then put it back on the PS3. If you don’t like it, then now would be the time to make a new one, but I can’t really help with that without knowing some things you like, activities you like to do, or anything else that would make the name unique to you and that you would like.


    @Nixon, It can’t be “2Die4”, because all PSN IDs must start with a letter, not a number.

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