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MotoGP ’06 Xbox 360 720P gameplay


MotoGP '06 Xbox 360 720P gameplay


  1. Best MotoGP game ever. Its better than the MotoGP 07, and much better than the new ones. THQ made 3 excellent games of MotoGP in the original Xbox and then made 2 great ones in 360, but I prefer the 06 than the 07.

  2.  ive been playing this game since 2007, its 2014 and im still hooked. though ill admit it is fun in 4 player splitscreen and even more fun when u system link 2 xbox for 8 player races. although 32 players can paly using system link. the controls are great. every small mistake can cost u your dominance, if you got a lot of buddies this is the game to play. I played moto gp 14 and it sucks, for me split screen is a big factor, as is system link.

  3. el moto gp 06 para lo considero con mejores graficos que el 08 , 09/10 10/11 , 12 y el que mas detesto el 13 , lo unicos bueno que le doy del 08 al 13 son sus menus , son muy buenos.

  4. and the new from Milestone is worse too.. i think the best motorcycle game is Tourist Thropy ps2, after is sbk 2001.gp 500. the games from THQ/climax and Namco the first 4 games gp1,gp2,gp3,gp4 ps2..

  5. It's amazing how much this game has regressed. It's been 7 years. Surely the game should have gotten better? But no.

  6. yeah, I think MotoGP06 and 07 were the best. they were from Climax/THQ. the ones after were from Capcom with some bad developers.

  7. thanks for the tips! I haven't had much time to get good at this game because there's so many great games and this game deserves practice. this was pretty much my first time playing this.

  8. you're pretty bad, you should use the right stick to accelerate and brake and the triggers for brake tricks on corner or for power brake. Try them, i love this game

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