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King’s Quest Review (2015) Buy, Wait for A Sale, Don’t Touch It?


King's Quest Review (2015) Buy, Wait for A Sale, Don't Touch It?


  1. I just watched this review and thought it helpful. Mainly because I'm trying to decide whether or not to buy it for the Xbox One. I played the Sierra classics as a kid, but when I've tried to play the re packaged games now in DosBox it just doesn't feel as authentic. At least with the Xbox version it would be running native and an upgrade from the old versions. At least that's the impression I've come away with.

  2. If I buy this on my xb1, do I have to re-purchase it to be able to play on my 360. (I gave my mom my old console and she really wants to play this, but paying twice is ridiculous). I've searched everywhere online for an answer, and found absolutely nothing. From what I can tell, I think I would have to buy it again as it's not listed as a backwards compatible game. But the fact that the 360 version requires you to download the compatibility packs makes me think…maybe not? Please for the love of God somebody answer this question, it's been driving me crazy ALL day!!!!

    Thank you… :)

  3. I bought the game for 23$… Super worth-it!
    The game is awesome!
    I love the humor.
    It's a good light-hearted game, in a time where there aren't many games like that.
    I never played the past King's Quest games… But I might…

  4. If you own a PS4 online membership doo-dah then Kings Quest : Episode 1 (of 5) is Free all through December (2015)

    I enjoyed it (although like the fella here says; it's a little to cliched and by the numbers) ……could get really good by Ep 2/3

  5. Currently playing this game! cant wait to move on to Chapter 2. Anyway, i couldnt find the other chapter on sale in PS4 store.. any idea?

  6. Thanks for the great review. I'm sure these take a long time to put together. Nice work. I think I'll buy it and play through it with my kids.

  7. I found the Lord of the Rings rotoscoping to be terrifying, and I saw it in my 20's o_0
    Rankin-Bass all the way, man.

  8. King's Quest was amazing on the Amiga :P.. Use to play it everyday when i was a kid. I really hope this game is amazing like the classics.

  9. Played this over the weekend and loved it. I like Telltale and Life is Strange is my favorite episodic game but this was great. It really felt like a combination of Telltale/LiS and Monkey Island and other Adventure games. The art style was great as well. I can't wait for more of this, never played a Kings Quest game before either.

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