1. Try to sign out of the account and sign in to yours. Hit the middle xbox button hit sign out and then vise versa, middle button and sign in with a new account ( meaning yours). If this doesn't help and you have more questions just ask!

  2. If you want to wipe it then go into system/storage settings and format hard drive, it’s their fault for not doing it in the first place. You can find individual game saves on your hard drive, put them onto a usb drive and format the hdd, then make a new account and change the account name on the save files to your gamertag/profile name. (Not confirmed, a warning now, this is NOT confirmed. Should work but don’t try if you don’t want to take a risk.)

  3. If you know your email and password to yours. Just wipe the whole system out. the whole hard drive.

    then add your stuff back.

  4. I acknowledge that you purchased xbox live on his account and cant utilize it due to not having his password. I would contact microsoft/xbox help line. the number will be found if you ask google. ask microsoft/xbox 360 help line for a live account transfer as it was a easy mistake for u

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