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How does playstation plus work on the ps4?


It was my understanding that you needed playstation plus to play anything online on the ps4. currently I don’t have playstation plus nor have i done anything that could grant it to me. thing is, I recently downloaded the destiny demo trial and was playing it, and saw other players online, which meant i WAS playing online with people.

so my question is,

1. how does playstation plus for the ps4 and internet play actually work?

2. was it only letting me online because i was playing the demo version, and would destiny stop allowing me to play if I bought the hard copy full version?

3. is plus only required for certain games/features? for example, you need it to play COD multiplayer but not to play some obscure, lesser known japanese game’s multiplayer?

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  1. 1) You buy the subscription and it lets you play online for multiplayer games and gives you discounts and monthly free games.

    2) It could be because of the 5 day free extension due to the attack over Christmas if you had PS+ before. If not, then it could be due to the free trial as free-to-play games don’t require PS+.

    3) No, it’s required for ALL multiplayer games that aren’t free-to-play (such as DCUO).

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