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How do the free games on xbox live gold work?


I have the game just cause 2 but it has gotten scratched and when i load it on my xbox i can play t for about 5 minutes then it stops. i seen that just cause 2 is one of the free xbox live games this month and was wondering firstly: after i downloaded this game would i be able to play it without a connection to xbox live? and secondly: does this game download act in the same way as a game on disc after you have downloaded it to your xbox meaning i could still use my disc but play a soft copy of the game? sorry for the rambling but any help would be appreciated

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  1. You need to be Xbox Live Gold subscriber to avail 2 free games every month under “Games with Gold” program. If you are currently Xbox Live free subscriber, then you can upgrade to Xbox Live Gold at [url is not allowed].

    Just Cause 2 is free for players with active Xbox Live Gold memberships from June 1, 2015 to June 15, 2015

    [url is not allowed].

    Since it’s single player game, you will be able to play it offline without active Internet connection

    You can still use disc, but if there’s an updated version available on Xbox Live, then download may be required. Since your current disc has gotten scratched, I suggest you download the game from Xbox Live service

  2. You would be able to use it forever even offline. You wouldn’t need the disc at all, it has DRM built in to it so you can only use it offline on the system that it was purchased on. It can be used on different systems when you are signed in to Xbox Live through the account it was purchased on.

  3. Here is what you want to do erase the game from your HDD and install the digital download that way it wont ask for a disk. Yes, you will be able to play off line just like before.

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