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First Hour: Blood Bowl 2 (PS4)


First Hour: Blood Bowl 2 (PS4)


  1. This game would be a lot better, if we cold just play the game like madden or throwback game blitz. Way to many options just to play a football game. The characters and graphics are sick though.

  2. it's really frustrating that you constantly complain about the fact you're failing the "67%" rolls obviously without reading the tutorials which tell you all the percentages are rolled for so if you're doing 4 dodge rolls at 67% it becomes more like a 20% chance to succeed. just think you should actually pay attention to the tutorials before complaining, doing random things and then getting annoyed. this is a really obnoxious and uninformative video.

  3. I agree with handheld being the only place this game would make sense. Its weird Games Workshop chose to pursue this series at this time – another title from them that doesn't quite know what its trying to be. Frustrating for a fan of theirs as you know they have the potential with locations, story, art and characters to make really stand-out video games. A new Dawn of War could have perhaps made more sense, or an attempt at an rpg.

    Another great video Colin, thanks~

  4. A turn based sports game does seem out of place on the ps4. I thought this game was going to be similar to Death row. I was way off.

  5. This 1st one was so weird and different. It took a while for me to finally understand. I did feel it was pretty unnecessary on the consoles and I really didn't get too much into it. I might check this out when it drops in price. I do agree with you however on the whole mobile/handheld thing. It would be great on the vita on my morning commute to college

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