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Do “YOU” know anything about PS3’s?


What exactly does “Restore PS3 System” exactly do and is it safe for the system?

Thanks for answering.

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  1. restore ps3 command resets your ps3 to its factory settings. this is used as a last resort when attempting to fix internal errors, bugs, or other similar software issues. note that this is a last resort method, as resetting your ps3 to its factory setting erases all downloaded material, saved memory, game information, personal information, and account information from the system’s interface. unless this information has been previously backed up somewhere else, it is gone forever.

  2. It restores the system to when it was released from the factory. It only affects the operating system, not personal files, and it doesn’t touch the game updates.

  3. it does exactly what it says in the description you’d find along with that option , it formats the hard drive and deletes all of the data then it deletes your user information and settings and resets the console just like it came from the factory

    after it completes and you power on the ps3 you’ll have to set the date and time settings and set it up just like with a new out of the box system and any apps , games , saves , trophies etc. you had will all be gone as well as your user name , theme and so on

    there is also an option called restore ps3 settings that does not delete anything and simply resets the settings ( theme , time and date , display and sound settings etc. )

  4. It’s the same as Format for a computer. It formats the PS3 and reinstalls the PS3 system from scratch so it deletes everything else and only has the system software.

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