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Classic Game Room – UNDER DEFEAT HD DELUXE EDITION review for PS3


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Classic Game Room reviews UNDER DEFEAT HD DELUXE EDITION from G.Rev and Rising Star Games, the deluxe edition of this awesome vertical scrolling helicopter shooter with multiple choppers, a soundtrack CD and digital art book!

Classic Game Room - UNDER DEFEAT HD DELUXE EDITION review for PS3


  1. now if I buy the game digitally on PSN will I get some kind of OST digital download like I would likely get if STEAM had the game?

  2. Future PS3 Holy Grail status confirmed! Just scored my CIB North American copy from a dirty stinking Gamestop a few weeks ago for only $17! ALL HAIL UNDER DEFEAT HD DELUXE EDITION!! ALL HAIL LORD KARNAGE!!

  3. I wish Under Defeat HD Deluxe was ported to the PS Vita. I maintain that side-scrollers can still find a welcome home on handheld consoles. Such look like anachronistic throwbacks on modern consoles and HDTVs, but they look good on the small screen of handhelds. Like how well the Metal Slug arcade games translate well on the PSP even though the screen aspects don't match. Need an Under Defeat for the Vita for defeat on the go!

  4. The slow down is way worse on the ps3 than 360 or dreamcast 🙁 I own all 3 versions and the ps3 version has low res textures and alittle washed out compared to the 360 version. Great great game tho.

  5. This is a rather easy game to get the platinum trophy for though. Not only can you obtain infinite credits and there's checkpoints everywhere, but two player makes it so both must be dead at the same time before actually getting a game over. You can also make it so u got 5 lives per credit, where each time you start out with 2 bombs. It's a rather easy game. Even if you had to do it in 2 credits on hardest difficulty it wouldn't have been hard.

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