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Classic Game Room HD – ZEN PINBALL for PS3 review


Classic Game Room HD - ZEN PINBALL for PS3 review



  1. I recently picked up this game. It made me think back to in middle school one of the teachers had a pinball machine in the room and everyone always played it. A lot of people had the high score and nobody was really sure how except a few people. I eventually found out the secret. When you got bonus points there would be a spot that the ball is locked into and you keep getting points for about 5 seconds and if you kept flipping the flippers then the ball would stay in the area indefinitely. I eventually accidentally rolled over my score seeing how high it could get. 

  2. There's a new collection on PC called Pinball FX2 that's fantastic. It has 22 tables, including these 4, plus a ton of Marvel Comics inspired tables, and some Star Wars ones to boot. Check that shit out.

  3. I loved the PRO Pinball series from PS1 days and before that Pinball Dreams/Fantasies for Amiga, great times. I think Pinball Dreams really set off the marker for what we have today in Pinball games.

  4. The ball physics just don't look good. I've got Zen pinball for the ipad 3 and in my opinion the ball physics in Pinball Arcade and Pinball HD are much better.

  5. Ah if only some of the tables that are available on the XBOX 360 was available for the PS3 players and vice versa. As it is When I first got Zen pinball after getting Marvel, the tables that came with it I didn't care for. Tesla was alright. Then I recently got Epic quest and that table alone was worth it. Sorc lair and ED were good too. As it is Rome, And Buccaneer from Xbox FX2 look so cool that I would instantly get them. Maybe because I like the era of the themes.
    Anyway great review.

  6. This game is the best pinball short of a real machine. I only play the Tesla table, but that alone is worth the $10.
    The audio has such a great arcade tone, you can almost smell the cruddy carpet and nicotine stained cabinets.
    I like that there isn't any cheap thrills like teleporting or lasers too. Really classic style and Zen nail pinball "culture" on the head with the funny tongue-in-cheek feel that the best machines always have like Rudy's Funhouse or Twilight Zone.

  7. @squezey1 You should be glad you have an arcade where you live. I would probably go there every day lol. What other games does it have?

  8. @squezey1 The modern ones are the most realistic right now. In the future they will be more. Are you implying that older pinball games were more realistic? Because they weren't. Pinball is one of those games that gets better as it progresses. It's better to play with a real pinball machine anyway. I envy some of those people who have a pinball machine in their house. I would buy but I live in a small shitty town and I can't find one.

  9. Only 10$. I was thinking of getting it. Mabey bowling. But I do have Hustle Kings. The pool game. That one is awsome. I just got the snooker table. FUN.

  10. What kind of fuckwit has the need to share their political views on a game channel? Just enjoy the review and post relevant views towards that

  11. Metal Gear Solid Pinball? Yeah i also want that

    but we'll have to conform with those filthy pachinko machines

  12. If they made a real version of this, It would be a very beutiful piece of art to have in your living room, bedroom or basement to play with yoru friends is incredible, is the first virtual pinball that really makes me want to spend money on it…

  13. Zen pinball always looks and sounds great, my only nit picks are that they are TOO much like a simulation. for example the video screen does not need to always be a classic one colour blocks screen it could be updated to a modern visual. as for this game the screen would look better if it was genesis style graphics. id love zen to make a game where it thinks more outside the box more rather than try to be realistic

  14. Just use the view that moves the camera up the pinball machine when playing Zen Pinball. It's just as efficient as using your eyes in real life.

  15. @BenJabituya, you got some great suggestions and I agree. I'm a big Transformers fan myself. Other than the one's you've mentioned I would love to see them do pinball game's of the following franchises;

    Static Shock
    The Boondocks
    Michael Jackson (Thriller Themed)
    Kidd Video
    Tupac (California Video Themed)

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