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can I have music onthe xbox 360 in games without a hard drive, and how?


like a portable device?

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  1. I don’t think so. There is an option to use an iPod but you need to download that feature to allow it to run. I don’t think you can use a memory unit.

  2. do u have a router? if u do then get windows media player 11 go to the librarys tab and then sharing and look for ur xbox 360 and allow it access to ur music. then go on ur xbox and it should say the name of ur pc and just go in and u’ll have every track u have on ur pc on ur xbox aswell. Ive been doin this for about a year now and its great

  3. You can hook up an ipod to it, with the same cord you use to hook it up to your computer. From there, hit the middle “X” button and go to my music or whatever, from there there should be an external hard drive option. and u can choose the songs on ur ipod from a list.

  4. Just plug your USB into your xbox 360 nd lestin 2 music and when u finish just unplug your USB and yea nd u can also Rip a CD into your xbox 360 hard drive

  5. Yes, you can. Use a flashdrive, external hardrive, or any other item that has a USB plugin (that includes ipod’s). You don’t need to download a feature to play it, just use the USB adapter, go to the dashboard, select music, portable devices, and the name of your ipod should be an option!

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