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should i buy ps3 now or wait Sony to launched their new ps3 model that been rumored?



  1. Go ahead and get the PS3 now. The new PS3 models are just rumors and it doesn’t mean that it’s true. The only thing that will be different if Sony releases a new PS3 is the hard drive size most likely. You can install a new bigger hard drive easily for a pretty cheap price for the PS3.

    Yesterday someone posted a question about a rumored 160GB PS3. but it’s just rumors and Sony hasn’t confirmed anything. Sony just introduced the 40GB and 80GB PS3’s last year and I doubt that they will introduce ANOTER PS3 model, but who knows.

    If you are going to wait longer, I think that the longest that you should wait to get a PS3 is until GTA4’s release date.

  2. Note the key word in ur question “rumored”.get one now Playstation is not going to change the PS3 for a while they like what is going on right now. Their stock is on the rise and they are finally making a profit so dont expect anything more than firmware updates and software updates anytime soon.

    Good Luck and by the way if ur getting an 80GB from Best Buy get it soon Thier only going to carry the 40 gig after Feb.

  3. The only real updates they could make with this “new PS3” could be downloaded on a present ps3 anyway.

    Buy a ps3 now, they kick butt! 😛

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