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Is it safe to connect ps3 to a UPS and to a stabilizer? If yes, which ones (i mean the company and model and the requirements)?



I live in india and i have (obviously) a PAL PS3 running on 220 volts. Sometimes, there is a voltage fluctuation in my house and sometimes if there is a powercut for some seconds/minutes it switches off my ps3 while playing which can harm and corrupt the files stored. So i was just wondering if i could connect a stabilizer to prevent malfunctiong from fluctuation and a UPS as an alternate power supply so that my ps3 doesn’t switch off.

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  1. You can get both in one unit, a device that is a UPS with a power conditioner (your stabilizer) built in.

    It really just depends on your budget and what is available to you in India. I will say that you should avoid the cheapest model, or the lowest rated model for power. Get mid-range gear, or as close to mid-range as you can afford. You should also have your monitor/tv/display device plugged into the UPS, so that you can see to safely shut down your system if the power outage lasts too long.

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