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BLOOD BOWL 2 Gameplay (PS4 / Xbox One)


Orcs and Humans compete in an intense match of Blood Bowl 2 !
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BLOOD BOWL 2 Gameplay (PS4 / Xbox One)
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BLOOD BOWL 2 Gameplay (PS4 / Xbox One). Release date : Spring 2015 on PS4, Xbox One and PC ! Subscribe now to GameNews to get the latest HD game trailer, gameplay teaser & cinematic video on Game News Official.

BLOOD BOWL 2 Gameplay (PS4 / Xbox One)


  1. Shame,own fault if they didn't get many sales.glad i too watched it first before buying.was expecting something intense ,let down :/

  2. These comments about this game being turn based are way too funny. This is a game not only from Games Workshop, but it is BASED inside the Warhammer Universe. How could anyone expect this game to be not turn based?

  3. I thought this was going to be like madden but violent glad I saw this video now I can ask to get a better game.this is like checkers.

  4. This sucks. So hoped it was more like Mutant League. Bring back mutant league football and Arch Rivals to the next generation platforms

  5. Look at all these filthy casual thinking this would be madden with a fantasy paintjob. Dirty swine!

  6. Here I thought this was going to be like a super version of American football in the likes of inazuma eleven!

  7. I tried playing bb 1, couldnt figure it out, i might get this so i can actually play a tutorial and have some fun

  8. To everyone talking shit….this is based off the turn based table top game blood bowl, been around since 1986. this is exactly what the game is and has always been they have just updated it and improved on blood bowl 1 which brought the table top to consoles and comps. do your research before speaking.

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