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Xbox 360 Repair Question


I had to send my Xbox 360 in for repair. Microsoft has messed up several times with the repair, and as a result I have spent my entire summer without an Xbox. I have heard of people talking about getting free games, accessories etc for extended repairs for which Microsoft was at fault. Does anyone know who to contact to try and get Microsoft to give you compensation for your wait?

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  1. Hi,

    If you have been without your Xbox for the whole summer then I would give customer support a ring and play hell. Normally you get 1 month live free when you get your Xbox back but the thing is if you pay for live and have had your Xbox gone for longer than 1 month you could ask for a free arcade game.

    I don’t think they will give you much though but worth a go!

    Hope you get it back soon!

  2. customer support. you have to gripe quite a bit thought. always ask for a supervisor and then lay into them. i know it sounds mean but thats what it takes. also i hope you didnt have downloaded game content cause it will never be reattached to your new console so in order to use it you have to get online so it connects to your gamertag. good luck ive been through this and its a pain!

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