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xbox 360 overheating?


i know its the AC adapter, and it gets hot really fast and smells like burning plastic. i try everything to cool it off, but it gets worse every day. so im guessing the plastic melted on the inside and is on the motherboard or something. by the way its the kind with hardly any breathing holes, and i cant find any that have slits on the sides. i just know they exist because my friend has one, and it came with his arcade.

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  1. xbox 360 is the best gaming system out right now.try this.insted of having you 360 standing put it flat on an uncovered surface.also ir you have a small fan place it directly on the side of you xbox box with the air holes.this should work.good luck

  2. i’d say keep playing. you can’t do anything to fix it. and if you try to, your warrenty will be void. So keep playing. if it breaks, then send it in and get it fixed/replaced.

    And once it gets fixed, it won’t really over heat nearly as much anymore.

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