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Xbox 360 has a problem? weird noises ooo?


this is the first time my xbox 360 does this, (this is my 2nd 360.) recently tonight, i was playing EA’s skate. and i noticed after a while it sounded like the processor/fan or something inside of it was making strange noises. the noises were like wooshing of a fan like you know, Woosh Woosh Woosh. Only louder.

I tried to go to the 360’s dashboard but then it would freeze, so i turned it off. I power cycled it and then changed it to a horrizontal stance. (I put it on like a stand so that it could get more ventilation, call me paranoid)

Is there something wrong? and I did do right in power cycling it and changing its position right? whats wrong :/ i dont wanna send it back in for repairs!

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  1. Might be on its way out. I know my friends xbox makes terrible noises, but he has had it for almost a year and its fine.

    Good luck

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