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Xbox 250 Slim “S” Orange Dot No Power?


I took the box apart standard cleaning. The board was fine, no burns scuffs or bubbles compositors Does not look like I need to do “scraping”. There were no funny smells, tested fan it works. No funny smells and NO PINS at all were bent either. PSU is orange dot (Not Green or Red) not blinking either. Fan was not dusty and funny functional. I was getting 12v and 5v approx (Tested with multimeter).

I am seeking someone with knowledge, not someone to tell me it is “fried” or I need to take it into a tech. What could be the cause of no power? I am going to service it myself and have tools, equipment and knowledge. However, in the past no power issues have typically been related to other things. I tried a second PSU and still had no power. So, I guess the problem is somewhere on the board? I do not know. Thanks for reading, thanks for not telling me to contact support and thanks for being knowledgeable in advance!

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  1. This was the worst answer from an idiot. I took time to try to clearly articulate my problem, my knowledge and what I wanted to do. It is like a 13 yr old who wants to sound cool responded. Thanks but no thanks. The less idiots here the better.

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