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will microsoft repair my xbox?


i wanna buy a xbox but where i live, we face frequent power cuts. So, imagine i was updating the xbox and power cut occurs, my xbox gets doomed. Will microsoft repair the xbox with corrupted firmware or my xbox is done?! I will pay if required but will they fix it?

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  1. they will DEFINITELY repair it, just it should not be cracked to use cheap games. and you need to have warranty, they will welcome you with smiling face and will repair it surely, but ya next time try to keep a ups for xbox, because this time you were lucky you just faced software issue, hardware damage can be rejected by microsoft.

    enjoy gaming!


  2. If you have the warranty from Microsoft then yes they will, if not they won’t because its not part of the limited 1 year warranty. Also, if it happens within 1 week you can usually return it to the store.

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