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Why won’t halo 3 for xbox 360 let me start a game?


The game froze so i turned the xbox off&on and now it wont let me start games in multiplayer, campaign, or solo player. Basically wont let me start anything. I tried unplugging and plugging back in, removing disk, making a new profile&everything. Please help.
It says “Player failed to load content” and “game failed to start”

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  1. Matt your problem isn’t with the disc, it’s a problem with the files that load your saved games. Usually when a computer fails to load content you can clear the temporary files associated with that application. So what you want to do is clear the cache on your xbox.

    To clear the cache:

    1. Turn on your xbox

    2. Go to the “My Xbox” tab

    3. Press your right bumper twice to go to the “System Settings” menu

    4. Select “Memory”

    5. Highlight your memory unit such as your hard drive and press the “Y” button

    6. Now you will see 3 options “Rename”, “Format” and “Clear System Cache”

    7. Select “Clear System Cache”

    8. A Screen will ask you if you want to perform maintenance, select “YES”

    9. Now try to load your game!

    Now that your system cache has been cleared you will need to download any game updates before playing that game. Usually these updates only take 5-10 seconds to download. You will not lose any saved games or other valuable information.

    Let me know if you have any other problems or if this didn’t solve your problem. Also you can contact me via yahoo im if you have any questions (contact me via my yahoo answers profile first).

  2. What does it say? if it says failed to load content that means u have a scratch on ur disc.If it just freezes It might be a problem with your specific disk. If you got the warranty you can send it back. If not there is nothing else to do except try to clean the disk.

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