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Why dose my PS3 slim 120gb play ps1 games but not ps2 games?


ok as i said in the question i have a PS3 slim 120gb i don’t understand why it plays ps1 games but not ps2 games and has a memory card built into it for saving ps2 and ps1 games in it so if you cant play ps2 games on it whats the point in the ps2 memory card on it?

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  1. Hi there. I’m experiencing the same problem with my PS3, it plays PS1 games but not PS2 games. It’s confusing, right? Well, I’m not entirely sure why this is, but I think it’s because of the format of the two types of games. Maybe PS1 is the same kind of format as PS3 games, but PS2 games aren’t? I dunno. I *think* the only type of PS3 console that can play PS1 AND PS2 games is the 800gb one, but I’m not entirely sure. Good luck finding out a solution, though. 😉

  2. The short answer is they don`t want you to play your ps2 games, but to use your money on ps3 games and bluray movies. The memory card is for when they will start selling ps2 “software” on the ps store, in other words they want to charge you money for something you already have paid for.

    Yes they can make the ps3 play ps2 games with something called an emulator but the problem is the money is to good, so they don`t. Insert nasty word in here “_” then get over it bc its all about the scrilla.

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