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Why arent I unbanned from Xbox Live?


Let me start off by saying how much the punishment system is a joke for xbox, totally corporate money hungry company that hire the local down syndrome kids to manage the bannings. When I was banned the email said I was banned until the 17/10/2013, well its the 17th today. (Australia) and I received the email the day of my suspension at 2:47 pm. It’s currently 6:40 pm. Whats the go? thanks in advance i guess. Im preparing myself for SHlTTY answers.

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  1. The only people who complain about the banning system are the dumbasses who are stupid enough to do stuff that gets them banned.

    The day’s not over yet.

  2. time zone problems.everything runs on California time — Pacific Time Zone.

    .stop using mods and stop cheating in COD.

  3. Well ignoring you’re little rant I will just say that you obviously forgot microsoft is a US COMPANY!

    And as of my post right now it’s currently only about 2AM on the 17th here on the west coast of the US.meaning it’s currently no later than 5AM on the east.

    So I’m betting that the people that work at microsoft who handle suspensions most likely haven’t even clocked in for the day yet. (no matter what time it is for you)

    So I guess you’re screwed until they get around to it.whenever that actually happens to be for you.

    I guess you’ll just have think of it as the added consequences of your actions.another reason NOT to do whatever you did to get suspended in the first place again.

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