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Why am I lagging on Xbox live?


Hi I own an Xbox 360 and I play halo 3 online. I am connected to my router with a ten foot cord since the router is nearby. Any time someone goes on my computer it is nearly impossible to play due to lag. None of my friends have this problem. I am going wireless after Christmas and I am scared that it will only make this problem worse. Could my router have to do with the lag? It’s a wireless G router, would an N router make it better? Thanks

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  1. What’s your Internet connection’s speed – because that’s what matters most. If it’s less than 1Mbps (download, assuming that you don’t host games, otherwise you need at least 512kbps upload), I recommend that you avoid using the router, since that divides the bandwidth between your 360 and other computers and so your speed also dips. A direct connection – Ethernet cable > 360 > DSL/Cable modem – is still the best way to get the most out of your Internet connection when on Xbox Live.

  2. The only reason i could think of by reading this is that your computer is running a program that interferes with your connection alot. If youre downloading music or videos or something that could be the main thing but other than that just don’t use the computer while your playin xbox.

  3. No, the N router won’t help you because the 360 only uses Wireless G speeds.

    It’s probably a file-sharing program on the PC. Or a virus.

  4. Router is a reason for lag but also internet connection because when the computer is in use it gets the router congested so an N router might cut the lag down a bit but not dramatically just but the wireless xbox adapter and u can play lag free unless you know how to mess around with internet connections and mbps speeds

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